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The Chevrolet Seeker Is An All-new Compact Crossover

Issuing time:2022-08-01 20:00

What is it?

The Chevrolet Seeker is a compact crossover that will soon be a global model for the Chevrolet brand, and has already been spotted testing in the United States. We were among the first English media in the world to get our hands on a static display model, and these are our first impressions.

Chevy Seeker.jpg

Blazer Junior

The exterior styling of the Seeker is broadly similar to that of the Blazer. That means thin LED lighting up front, a pronounced flare to the rear wheel arches, and a beltline that rises to create a sharply pointed greenhouse. The front fascia differentiates itself via an X-shaped element that runs across the grill to connect the headlights. The new Seeker has a much lower profile than the Blazer, which helps to give it an even sportier appearance.


The Seeker’s taillight cuts deep into the rear quarter panel in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of the Chevy Traverse, but in a way that continues the X-shaped motif of the front end. Based on its wheelbase of 2.7m (106 inches) and overall length of 4.54m (178.6 inches), the Seeker would fit neatly between the Chevy Trailblazer and Equinox in the company’s US lineup.

Sporty styling aside, the Seeker was clearly built to be economical transportation, and sports a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. There are no official power figures as of yet, but we expect the crossover to deliver around 132 kW (175 hp) through the front wheels.


Big Screens and Gun Barrels

The interior styling of the Seeker is an evolution rather than a revolution for Chevrolet. The centerpiece is certainly the pair of 10.25-inch displays consisting of an instrument cluster and infotainment screen. That infotainment screen is actually tilted 9 degrees towards the driver, similar to the screen in a Mk8 VW Golf. Not to be confused with a European hatchback, however, are the air vents, which are said to be inspired by gun barrels. How very American.

hile some Chevy models use the company’s Electronic Precision Shift system, the

Rear passenger space in the Seeker is surprisingly good for a car of this size, and that's due to a couple of reasons. The first is that Chevrolet claims the Seeker has the shortest H-point to wheel well distance of any Chevrolet crossover currently available. That means that the seat has basically been moved back as far as possible to create more space for rear seat passengers. The result is very good legrom.


The rear passenger compartment also has a completely flat floor, adding to the sense of space. In addition to the fold down armrest, rear passengers also get two USB ports (USB-A and USB-C). Chevy even does them the favor of placing those ports above the air outlets on the back of the center console, making them much easier to reach.

Moving the rear seats as far back as they possibly could infringe on cargo space, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Seeker. There are no official numbers available, but it seems quite decent for a car of this size category. Being a compact crossover, it also benefits from a ride height that improves ingress and egress for the rear cargo area.



The Chevrolet Trailblazer hasn’t exactly set the sales charts on fire here in China, so the Seeker could prove to be an important release for Chevy in what is certainly a very important category. They are likely hoping a model that was clearly designed with China in mind from the very start will fare much better. The company remains tight-lipped about when the Seeker will be available in other markets, including China.

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